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About us Perú, February 17, 2019  
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We are a company which offer an advertising service by internet for the real estate professionals or private owners.

Nuestra Casa Perú is trying to get to you, with the purpose of providing you a service which could help you in the real estate transactions. Through our advertising system your properties will can show themselves to the potential buyers, with all the qualities they may have.

The conditions in which the transactions are made, depends of its main actors: buyer and seller. What we offer is a place where they can meet, a place that put face to face the buyer with the seller.

Our main goal is to provide a easy way so sell properties, highlighting its main qualities, through a complete description combined with photos, which can show in a real way the true state of it.

The buyer may get to know the differents properties from the market, and in this way taking the wright desition from his home, without the need of visiting a large number of houses that mean spending time and money.

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