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Conditions of use Perú, February 17, 2019  
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The Norms of Acceptable Use (the "Norms") for products and services of NuestraCasaPerú are designed to protect the Users of NuestraCasaPerú and the Internet community in general, from irresponsible activities and in some cases, illegals. The Norms consist on a list of actions prohibited by the rules of NuestraCasaPerú. NuestraCasaPerú is reserving the right to modify these Norms that are effective on the date of it's publication.

The user is aware that NuestraCasaPerú cannot exercise control on the content of the information that circulates through the net. Therefore, NuestraCasaPerú is not responsable for the content of any message, even if it was sent or not by a NuestraCasaPerú customer.

Forbidden uses of systems, products and services of NuestraCasaPerú

1. Transmission, distribution or storage of any material that imply a law violation it is forbidden. This includes, without exclusion, any material protected by copyright, trademarks and patents, intellectual property, sensitive information or another intellectual property used without authorization as well as obscene, scandalous material or that constitutes an illegal threat.

2. Sending of unrequested electronic mail, including advertising material or any another material correspondent to individuals that didn't require this information specifically ("Spam"). This includes, without exclusion, massive advertising mail, informative announcements and political publicity. It also includes publication of the same message in multiple discussion forums. The services and the accounts of NuestraCasaPerú users will not be used to request customers, or to receive answers to messages sent from another Internet Service provider (ISP) where this messages are in violation of these Norms or the other supplier's Norms.

3. Unauthorized use or falsification of the header information ("header") of electronic mails (e.g. "spoofing")..

4. Tentative, successful or not, of an user to achieve unauthorized access to an account or computer resources that doesn't belong to him (e.g. "cracking").

5. To obtain or to try to obtain acces to any service with the intention of avoiding the payment of the service.

6. Unauthorized access, alteration, destruction, or any tentative to the private information of NuestraCasaPerú users by any method or mechanism.

7. To be involved in any activity that causes interruptions of the service being aware of it (e.g. synchronized atack of sequences of numbers) to customers or end users of NuestraCasaPerú, inside our net or in the net of another supplier.

8. Making public, transmiting or by any other means to make available programming code, products or services designed to violate these Norms or the Norms of another acces supplier..

9. To use the services of NuestraCasaPerú to interfere with the use of other NuestraCasaPerú customers or authorized users

Each customer of NuestraCasaPerú is responsible for the activities of its own users and when accepting the service of NuestraCasaPerú he/she commits to that its users or customers also respect these Norms. Any birdcall received by NuestraCasaPerú that imply the users or customers will be forwarded to the person responsible for the user for that pertinent measures will be taken. In case that to these Norms of acceptable use violations are detected, NuestraCasaPerú is reserving the right to discontinue the services or to take measures that considers appropriate to avoid the activity prohibited by these norms, without previous warning.

ATTENTION: NuestraCasaPerú is an open community where its users publish material and information that are not necessarily verified. In such a sense NuestraCasaPerú cannot become responsible for the material and information published by its users. In case you have detected material or information that it is not adjusted to our politics of acceptable use, we will be appreciated that you inform us at so that we can take the corresponding measures


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